B.T.J. Visual Letter

「We shared a dream」


【BLACK TEAM JAPAN】Visual Letter Vol.(1+)english ver.
ITA-4  Alberto Menegatti LEGENDS NEVER DIE

We shared a dream,

in the same team,
pursued the same goal
of standing on the top podium of the PWA.
When you reached the podium for the first time at URUSAN,
we were in tears, awed by your achievement.

Thereafter, you pushed your body
to its limit,
until it screamed in pain.
During the remaining races of 2013 season,
you fought against not only the competitors,
but against your own body,
controlling the physical damages and placating the pain.
You kept running.

For that season,
you climbed the podium three times in four competitions,
and won the overall second place.

February this year
after a recuperation period of one season,
our training has started.

One night, all of a sudden,
you passed away.
We were together during that day, as always,
sharing the training regimen
under the same sky, on the same water, and in the same wind.

Our team will reach the place beyond your achievements,
for sure!
When we reach that place, you will be with us on the podium

Because you are forever one of us.







  1. Freeride
  2. Slalom